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This collection of images is the result of two Museum-funded expeditions to the Kuna Yala archipelago off the coast of Panama to document the Kuna peoples and the full range of Kuna expressive culture, with a particular focus on as a distinctive genre of art. Although are among the most commonly collected textile arts in the United States, few arts enthusiasts are well informed about the peoples who create them. For project, curatorial staff worked closely with Kuna consultants to develop a systematic presentation of Kuna expressive culture and identity, the role of women in Kuna life, and their values and response to change brought on by external contacts during the past eighty years. The Kuna field collection features 1,500 stills and fifteen hours of video footage of the making of , Congreso meetings, ambient environment, and activities within the home. As life changes rapidly in Kuna Yala, these images are invaluable records of Kuna secular and sacred occasions of the 1990s. ... View collection guide.

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