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Reports from government patrols are a major source of primary information on Papua New Guinea’s colonial-era history. Patrol officers and other officials wrote detailed documents reporting on all aspects of the work carried out by the patrols. The reports give first-hand accounts on many topics, from first contact with remote Highland villages, to census counts, tax collection, health care, justice, labor recruiting, plantations, missionaries, anthropological descriptions, tribal warfare, languages, and more. The reports in this collection date primarily from the post-World War II era of Papua New Guinea, up through 1975, when PNG gained independence from Australia; a few pre-War reports are also included. The documents in this collection were digitized from microforms held at the University of California, with the permission of the National Archives of Papua New Guinea. The reports are organized by Districts which generally correspond to the boundaries of Papua New Guinea’s Provinces in 1975. The reports are further divided by Sub-district or Patrol Post, and finally into chronological volumes (usually corresponding to an administrative calendar running from 1 July through 30 June of the following year). Reports are cataloged by the name of the district as it was known when the report was created. To find reports within a geographical area, search by keyword, such as a district or subdistrict name. The District names used are listed below with modern and alternative forms in parentheses: - Bougainville District (Autonomous Region of Bougainville, previously North Solomons Province) - Central District (Central Province, and National Capital District) - Chimbu District (Chimbu Province, also known as Simbu Province) - Eastern Highlands District (Eastern Highlands Province) - East Sepik District (East Sepik Province) - East New Britain District (East New Britain Province) - Gulf District (Gulf Province) - Madang District (Madang Province) - Manus District (Manus Province) - Milne Bay District (Milne Bay Province) - Morobe District (Morobe Province) - New Ireland District (New Ireland Province) - Northern District (Northern Province, also known as Oro Province) - Southern Highlands District (Southern Highlands Province, and Hela Province) - Western District (Western Province) - Western Highlands District (Western Highlands Province, Enga Province, and Jiwaka Province) - West New Britain District (West New Britain Province) - West Sepik District (West Sepik Province, also known as Sandaun Province) View this collection on the contributor's website.
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