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Pneumonic Plague Outbreak Sites and Rats in Los Angeles - Photographic Documentation

Owning Institution: UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

About this Collection

This collection contains 617 photographs in 8 albums documenting Los Angeles plague outbreaks in 1924-1925. The first album contains an index, which covers all 8 albums. The index headings have been used in the container listing to group the photographs. Some headings have been supplied for the container list. Included in all 8 albums are views of buildings, alleys, restaurants, and city dumps where infected rats were found or where human cases were reported. Some images show preventative measures taken by the State Department of Public Health to stop the spread of disease, including the destruction of buildings. Many of the structures pictured are shacks and other low income residences. Captions identify a "Mexican Village," "Chinatown," and "negro dwellings" in various locations. Some photographs in the first album show trapped rats and squirrels. The photographer or photographers are unknown, but the collection was possibly photographed by the California Department of Public Health. Typewritten captions are found below the photographs, and are reprinted in the container listing.... View collection guide.

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