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Redwood Manufacturers Company Plant in Pittsburg, Calif.

Owning Institution: UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

About this Collection

The Redwood Manufacturers Company Plant in Pittsburg, Calif. albums contain 274 photographic prints taken circa 1915 to circa 1925. The subject of the albums is the Redwood Manufacturers Co. (Remco), located in Pittsburg adjacent to the U.S. Steel Corporation. Both albums feature scenes from the Remco factory and wharf which include grounds, lumber yards, machinery, a wide array of Remco redwood products -- such as pipes, tanks, doors, balusters, posts, shingles, siding, railing, columns, and models -- and several steam ships. The second album (1905.11965) also pictures residential exteriors presumably featuring Remco products, installation activity, damaged buildings, a loading crane accident, and Remco president C.J. Wood. View collection guide.

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