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Waters (R. J. and Co.) Views of Donner Lake, California, ca. 1915

Owning Institution: UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

About this Collection

The Views of Donner Lake, California album contains 16 photographic prints consisting of views of Donner Lake from various perspectives taken circa 1915. The album was created by R.J. Waters & Co., Photographers, for the Donner Lake Co. and many of the views are of an allotment entitled "Sub-Division No. 1." The album was commercially produced, apparently promoting "Donner Lake Sub-Division No. 1" for the Donner Lake Company. The album includes views of a horse-drawn carriage mounted on skates on the frozen lake, rudimentary roads (including Lincoln Highway), the beach in front of Sub-Division No. 1, a panorama of the lake looking west, and scenes taken from the snowsheds surrounding the lake. Also included are views of China Cove, a swimming beach, moonlight on the lake, and Donner Lake Camp.... View collection guide.

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