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Father Markey Homilies

Owning Institution: Santa Clara University

About this Collection

The collection of homilies presented here cover the period of his ministry in Aptos and Capitola. They are Father Markey’s working drafts, and show the development of his ideas and presentations. His style and themes are well represented - often referring to events of the week as a springboard to his message ("The Devil is back in business again! Time Magazine reports this week that crowds of sensatlon-seekers are calling by phone or visiting in person!..."), engaging the congregation by way of a challenging introduction ("How free are you? Or - to pose the broader question: have you ever been free?..."), or beginning with humor that evolves into a serious discussion ("One of the functions which the Church carried out quite effectively over the years was that of making people feel guilty..."). They show the side that Father Miller referred to when he talked about Father Markey having "a playfulness that he applied to himself and the church and just about everything else. If it wasn't God, it could be challenged." The homilies are part of a larger collection of Father Markey’s personal papers that are housed in Santa Clara University Library’s Archives and Special Collections Department, a gift from Father Markey’s cousin, Margaret Webb. They serve as a good introduction to the man of whom Bishop Sylvester-Ryan of the Diocese of Monterey said "He was not afraid to be a leader and a prophet of his time. He was a man of tremendous faith, and had a real understanding of the human condition and a great compassion for each and every person he worked with." View collection guide.

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