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Hubbard King Island

Owning Institution: Santa Clara University

About this Collection

Bernard R. Hubbard was a Jesuit priest, educator, explorer, and popular lecturer, known as “the Glacier Priest.” He taught geology, 1926-1930, and spent three decades exploring and documenting the Territory of Alaska, its glaciers and volcanoes, and its native peoples. These expeditions, 1927-1962, were financed by his lectures, films, and publications, undertaken from his offices at Santa Clara University in California. In 1937 and 1938 Father Hubbard lived on King Island, with his boats, dogs, expedition members, and more than 100 tons of supplies and equipment. During this expedition, he continued his glacier research and captured the King Island people on film. The King Islanders took him on a 2,000 mile open-water trip by umiak (skin boat) in his attempt to prove that the Eskimos, from Nome to Barter Island, shared a common language. View this collection on the contributor's website.
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