Early Modern Annotated Books from UCLA’s Clark Library

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Comprising ten early modern printed books bearing handwritten annotations, this collection offers much evidence for studying the material history of reading. These annotated books were digitized as part of a pilot project by the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library (who owns the physical books) and the UCLA Digital Library Program. The books collected here range in subject matter (from science and natural history to literature and philosophy), time period (1570-1779), and type of annotation (from scholarly commentary and cross-referencing to printer’s notations and polemical criticism). The annotators themselves include the translator John Florio, literary critic John Dennis, French bibliophile François-Louis Jamet, avian enthusiast Judith Gowing, lawyer Thomas Turner, and country vicar Thomas Austen, as well as several unidentified readers. These volumes are part of a larger collection of early modern annotated books held by the Clark.

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