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José Villegas Collection on Mining

About this Collection

The José Villegas collection features original documents, photographs, maps, and other materials assembled for a research project on innovation, competition, and technology transfer in the global mining industry of the 18th and 19th centuries, with specific focus on British steam engines brought to historic silver mines in Mexico for water removal (desagüe) and other purposes.

The selected documents and photographs digitized deal primarily with mining and miners in Real del Monte and Pachuca during the periods of British (1824-1849) and Mexican (1849-1906) capitalization and management. Items include business correspondence, reports on mine conditions and operations, financial statements and transactions, shipping invoices, engine specifications, worker petitions, labor contracts, reports of job injuries, and letters from the British consul (some regarding estate settlements of deceased Cornish employees). Various materials mention political affairs and unrest in Mexico and one broadside documents a local dispute with the mining company over water. Spanish and English texts.
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