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Data from: Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Fractionation in the Products of Low-Temperature VUV Photodissociation of Carbon Monoxide

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This dataset contains Quality Controlled daily mean air-sea heat flux estimates from the NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Southern Ocean mooring site for the period February 2015 to August 2017, as used in the analysis of Ogle et al. 2018 (doi:10.1029/2017GL076909). Initial data processing and estimates of heat flux terms using a modified version of the COARE 3.5 flux algorithm from Edson et al. [2013] (documented at was completed by the OOI Data Team and can be obtained from the NSF OOI Data Portal Secondary data quality control and temporal averaging was undertaken by Sarah Ogle and Veronica Tamsitt at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. View this collection on the contributor's website.

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