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Data from: DNA damage induced during mitosis undergoes DNA repair synthesis

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Understanding the mitotic DNA damage response (DDR) is critical to our comprehension of cancer, premature aging and developmental disorders which are marked by DNA repair deficiencies. In this study we use a micro-focused laser to induce DNA damage in selected mitotic chromosomes to study the subsequent repair response. Our findings demonstrate that (1) mitotic cells are capable of DNA repair as evidenced by DNA synthesis at damage sites, (2) Repair is attenuated when DNA-PKcs and ATM are simultaneously compromised, (3) Laser damage may permit the observation of previously undetected DDR proteins when damage is elicited by other methods in mitosis, and (4) Twenty five percent of mitotic DNA-damaged cells undergo a subsequent mitosis. Together these findings suggest that mitotic DDR is more complex than previously thought and may involve factors from multiple repair pathways that are better understood in interphase. View this collection on the contributor's website.

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