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Flat Panel Impact and Residual Strength Testing and Characterization by Ultrasonic and X-Ray Computed Tomography Non-Destructive Evaluation

About this Collection

This dataset describes a set of impact and residual compression strength tests and accompanying non-destructive evaluation (NDE) data. The data has three major divisions: impact testing, NDE collection, and residual strength testing. Impact testing data primarily consists of force-history impact curves, residual indentation measurements and some accompanying photos. Non-destructive data collected for this specimen include X-ray computed tomography (CT) and ultrasonic pulse-echo (UT) scanning. CT data is available as a .tif format. TIFF (.tif) format files are the CT database output as image slices provided in a stacked format. UT data is available as .stdd format, and .mat format. .stdd format files are the datastream files from the NASA Langley Floating Ultrasonic Scanning system. MAT (.mat) files are Matlab readable database files that include each A-scan and relevant scanning parameters, these files are also readable with Python. Residual strength testing data consists of the force-displacement curve, digital image correlation (DIC) images collected by 1 stereo camera pair for the front and 2 pairs for the back of the specimen, and accompanying testing images (including post-failure damage state photos). DIC images are provided in .tif format with an .xls file describing the DIC frame count connection with the loading of the specimen. DIC processed output is provided as Vic3D output and project files (.out and .Z3D) and as MAT (.mat) Matlab output. View this collection on the contributor's website.

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