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CLIvar and MOde water Dynamics Experiment (CLIMODE) and Antarctic Intermediate Water (AAIW) Float Data Archive

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Profiling float data, equivalent to Argo profiling floats, were collected as part of the NSF-funded CLIMODE experiment in the western North Atlantic's Eighteen Degree Water region, and in the southeast Pacific as part of an NSF-funded experiment to study the origins of Antarctic Intermediate Water. The 9 floats in the Atlantic and 3 floats in the Pacific were Webb ApexSBE floats built and configured by Webb Research, with Systeme Argos data sets decoded and provided by the U. Washington Argo lab (Swift, Riser). Each float carried core Argo sensors: pressure, temperature, salinity. Each float also had an Aanderaa Optode oxygen sensor. The floats were parked at 500 m depth and alternately profiled from 500 dbar and 1800 dbar to the surface every 5 days, which differs from Argo floats with 1000 m parking depth and 10 day frequency. View this collection on the contributor's website.

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