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Cell Image Library

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The Cell Image Library (CIL), located at, is an established, easy to access, and highly subscribed community repository for the ingestion, archival, preservation, management, distribution, and reuse of multi-scale microscopy data encompassing cellular networks, cellular and subcellular microdomains, and their macromolecular components. The CIL is comprised of software for researchers to upload, organize, process, and share project data prior to publication, as well as a searchable, public-facing website for users to disseminate their results and freely distribute their data for access and reuse by others. This website includes advanced cyberinfrastructure services and deep-learning based workflows, which make use of prominent high performance computing resources on the backend, allowing CIL users to automatically post-process and analyze public data at scale.

The team operating the CIL is comprised of interdisciplinary experts, with multiple decades of experience working together to manage this resource for the community. The PI is mutually accomplished in advanced microscopy and imaging, database development and data integration, and the use of high performance computing. The technical team have contributed not only to the development and operation of CIL but to several large-scale information technology and cyberinfrastructure programs.
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