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Capricorn Expedition Photographs

About this Collection

The Capricorn Expedition (1952-1953) was conducted as part of a series of oceanic expeditions sponsored by the Department of the Navy and the University of California. Two Scripps Institution of Oceanography ships, R/V Horizon and R/V Spencer F. Baird, were used. The Capricorn Expedition was the first Scripps expedition to include the use of scuba divers to explore the Pacific. Operation Ivy preceded the expedition.

This collection includes images taken during the Capricorn Expedition. Subjects include: R/V Spencer F. Baird and R/V Horizon; Pacific Islands and atolls (including the Marshall Islands, Alexa Bank, Palmerston Island, Tonga, Fiji, Tahiti, and the Hawaiian Islands); scientists and crew members; oceanographic equipment (including core barrel, temperature probe, ball breaker, and A-frame); diving and underwater images; seascapes; and Pacific Islanders. Photographs were taken by professional photographers employed by Scripps Institution of Oceanography, including SIO Photographic Laboratory personnel John MacFall.
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