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Camp (Charles L.) Collection of Stereographs, ca. 1867-ca. 1895

Owning Institution: UC Berkeley, Bancroft Library

About this Collection

This collection of stereographs compiled by Charles L. Camp consists of 181 photographic prints from circa 1867 to circa 1895. The photographers include Eadweard Muybridge, Carleton E. Watkins, M. M. Hazeltine, Walker & Fagersteen, William Henry Jackson, J. J. Reilly, Barkaiow Bros. (Omaha), Kilburn Bros. (N. H.), Halsey and Coffin, Hayward & Muzzall, C. W. J. Johnson, T. J. Norton, H. T. Payne, A. J. Perkins, J. Pitcher Spooner, Andrew Price, W. N. Tuttle Photo, C. R. Savage, Savage & Ottinger's, William Shew, Chas. Weitfle, R. E. Wood (Santa Cruz), Underwood & Underwood, Edward De Froffs (Sitka, Alaska), T. W. Ingersoll, J. D. McAuliffe (Tucson), and Thomas Houseworth & Co. Included are images of mountains, hot springs, rivers, falls, mining, trains and train tracks, a few California Indian images, city views, camping, and the 1868 and 1906 San Francisco earthquakes. Locations featured include San Francisco, Berkeley, Yosemite, Stockton, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Barbara, the counties of Sonoma, Lake and Napa, Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake City, Wyoming, Sitka (Alaska), and others.... View collection guide.

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