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WWII Japanese American Assembly Center newsletters

About this Collection

While Executive Order 9066 called for the forced internment of all persons of Japanese ancestry from the West Coast of the United States, there was no existing infrastructure in place for these Japanese-Americans to go. The eventual detention centers were not yet completed, or were not yet in a condition to house the vast numbers of internees needing shelter. Given this, the United States military established temporary detention centers across California, as well as centers in Arizona and Oregon, to act as stop-over locations until the larger detention centers were habitable. There were six such temporary detention centers (otherwise known as “Assembly Centers”) constructed in the San Joaquin Valley—Fresno, Merced, Pinedale, Stockton, Tulare, and Turlock. This collection features the internee-produced newsletters for the temporary detention centers of Merced, Pinedale, Stockton, Tulare, and Turlock.

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