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Claremont Colleges Library

Claremont Colleges Library

Claremont Colleges Special Collections located in Honnold/Mudd Library is a place where you can connect to the past by examining rare books, reading original letters and manuscripts, and studying historical photographs and other objects. We collect, preserve, and make accessible collections that span more than 900 years of human history, with particular depth in 16th-20th centuries, the American West, science, music and theater, Asian history and culture, books and printing, and the history of The Claremont Colleges and the larger Claremont community, among other subjects, places, and eras.

Explore our collections in person or by visiting our exhibitions, digital collections, and blog. In our effort to facilitate access to and use of the collections, we employ a range of digital technologies, such as online patron registration and requesting, and we offer class instruction and individual research sessions in order to support teaching, learning, and scholarship.

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