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Santa Clara Valley Water District

Santa Clara Valley Water District

The Santa Clara Valley Water District Library supports the district's mission by providing professional research services for district staff and the public, using its core reference and journal collections, satellite libraries, on-line databases, interlibrary loan, and outside experts. The library maintains a catalog database of the core and satellite libraries.

The district library has an extensive collection of books, reports and other materials. While we do not check out materials to the general public, you can use these materials in the library or borrow them on interlibrary loan. See your local public or academic library for details on interlibrary loan. The district library is a specialized collection of 22,000 titles. The types of materials include, Santa Clara Valley Water District reports, consultant reports performed for the District, textbooks, reference books, legal materials, journals audio and videotapes, and CD-ROMs.

The subjects represented in the collection include water quality, water supply, water conservation, flood protection, law, water reclamation, seismic safety, groundwater contamination, civil engineering, hydrology, geology, chemistry, ecology, and environmental issues.

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