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Claremont Heritage

Claremont Heritage

Claremont Heritage's mission is to advance, preserve and celebrate the historic, architectural, natural and cultural resources of our community through collaboration, education and advocacy.

Claremont Heritage, a non-profit, inclusive, community-oriented membership organization, is the city’s largest membership organization devoted to the preservation of the history and historic character of Claremont.

Archive and share Claremont artifacts, oral histories, historic properties and tree surveys, maps and photos.
Offer tours, lectures, films and workshops for school children, community groups, and the general public.
Support individual homeowners, Claremont city staff, architects, landscape and interior designers, contractors, developers and realtors by providing access to historical and archival information.
Recognize and celebrate individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to preservation of Claremont’s historical resources and cultural heritage.

In these ways, we seek to communicate to residents and visitors the qualities that make our city unique and to promote the value of preserving our neighborhoods, cultural resources, the built and natural environments and their histories.

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