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StoryCenter is a Berkeley-based international non-profit working in digital storytelling and storywork. In the 1990s they developed the Digital Storytelling Workshop as a participatory media methodology. Since that time, they have travelled the world supporting small and large organizations in integrating the Digital Storytelling methods into their engagement efforts.

StoryCenter has worked with nearly a thousand organizations around the world and trained more than fifteen thousand people in hundreds of workshops to share stories from their lives. Through our wide-ranging work, we have transformed the way that community activists, educators, health and human services agencies, business professionals, and artists think about the power of personal voice, in creating change.

In 2016, we were invited by State Librarian Greg Lucas and the California State Library to travel the State of California collecting stories of residents through their local public libraries. The California Listens project collected these 106 stories in 2016 from 12 libraries, and will add an additional 100+ stories from 24 additional libraries in 2017 and 2018.

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