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Political Themes for a Non-Presidential Election Year
Commonwealth Club of California
Finch, Robert H., 1925-
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This discussion by Robert Finch, counselor to President Nixon, the second US president from California, is about the diversity of themes seen in state elections in the atypical and unique non-presidential election year of 1970. He sees the possibility of an entire generation of uninterrupted peace. In this light, he proposes a domestic peacetime agenda that addresses health care, education, and welfare. This agenda can be achieved if a new social consensus can be forged. Robert H. Finch earned his BA and MA in southern California, was lieutenant governor of California from 1967 to 1969, and secretary of Health, Education and Welfare from 1969 to 1970.
California Audiovisual Preservation Project Item: "Political Themes for a Non-Presidential Election Year" : https://archive.org/details/csth_000031 Transcript for file: format=VBR+MP3&ignore=csth_000031_access.mp3 00:00:00 next Friday are speaker will be the Honorable Ronald Reagan Governor of California $6 advance ticket sales are available at the close close this meeting at the door 00:00:30 California MSD for the state of Arizona in claiming the birth place in 1925 are popular popular speaker today however it was early in his career when he came to 7 Southern California to receive his bachelor's degree in political science at Occidental College College is law degree from USC and is honorary doctorate of law loss of smell from Occidental College eServices United States Marine Marine in both World War 2 and the Korean War 00:01:05 misadventures first known political activity in Washington game is an executive executive secretary to Congressman Paul Olsen in 1947 in 1948 48 during the Truman regime when serving as administrator assistant to the Vice President Nixon 1958 9060 60 yr in the Eisenhower administration he became Nixon campaign director director for the 1960 campaign 1960 66 Iran successfully for Lieutenant Governor of California on the ticket was Ronald 00:01:40 Reagan and before completing this time he was appointed to the cabinet SX Secretary of Health Education and Welfare only recently he kept his cabinet post and move to the White House in the capacity of counselor to the president as the confidant of two powerful powerful national and international figures are speaker brings great distinction do this already distinguished gathering the Commonwealth Club of California indeed privilege to present the Honorable Robert H bench 00:02:15 thank you very much Dalton Dalton Brea Livermore im a pike is more famous Riggs English to the head table Californians all ayam 00:02:50 introduction I'm flattered this is Ladies Day and I would that Sensa remind you of a our hotel a true story would show the places to couple weeks ago involve a colleague of mine on the cabinet of America American and a hitman various views of Leon play and uh Bitely really a introduced at radicular gathering as one of the Great Americans are time 00:03:25 end of the story is told me by his wife so that's why I'm I using name anda the my colleague driving home in a limousine what is an average what is wife is wife he said I guess it's really true that there aren't very many great Americans living today nc 54 minutes you said yes honey but there's one less than you think 00:04:00 just so you know that was not Martha Mitchell attorney general is promise me that he will give me a watch it says Martha Mitchell watch you don't look at it just told you the time I've been having some 30 States States a little bit like a yoyo a fact I almost missed sprinkle days by KGW 00:04:35 recall it to that's the a place where we had to make conversations with should a teenage boy in box 1 after another what I was there we had to ban certain pesticides and I've got the farmers in a chemical manufacturer pictures mad and I have to season salmon head high DTI levels in a cup got the sports in commercial fisherman mad and I have to cut off cyclamate Sunday Delaney amendment cycle girls road around with Hells Angels butter 00:05:10 and we got the first a message in history history in the present United States Army Reserve bility of family planning in a dangerous population explosion in the mail everything came to a head head 2 days before Christmas and I had to do if my age come in a set got 2 term problems did the British have just released a study that says there's dangerous side effect to the contraceptive pill for some free personals women women and secondly a.m. 100000 microwave ovens maybe 00:05:45 Beyonce because they give up high doses of radiation to get a press release on his right away what I ask for the data in the evidence was very skimpy and and I said what you want me to issue a national pressure relief on Chris Christmas Eve sieve suggesting that women can't cook over the holidays are engaged in other for me like activities b*** but um we have any progress in the NIH and and the US Public Health Service I was able to transfer success 00:06:20 social diseases from humans and chimpanzees and we are told to parents parents Mason be able to decide the sex of their children become teenagers Rogers store it is good to be home again and respecting the best my player partisan ability the Holy nonpartisan HHR this form I would stand up to offer you a mini view or on your taste ladies impose a video view 00:06:55 view of where we stand in the Union at this point in Sherwood sure with you by observation what's happening out there in this most ATP typical and unique of recent non presidential election years can I put a time frame a lot of 25 years this is off is a way of saying if I made that there are no overwhelming trans is it true that trans or always easier to spot the day after election why are on October 23rd but I think the interns of recent historical 00:07:30 parallels this is the situation this year will be unique we had to send a class of 1958 Leonard office so many democratic fisheries of economic recession of that year and six years later the same plaza Alaskan up for reelection the climate of a record shattering presidential landslide President Johnson in 1964 what this year in the stage for the first time time in Arizona careers they have to stand safe by state issue by issues 00:08:05 do with her opponent with all the benefits and handicap saloon coming season ambien in most of these races items are the only common feature is the very diverse University of themes and issues that have surfaced and according to the polls they bury state by state in one state student arrested Cambridge Sharpie the service in Wisconsin with the bombing there another mother of crime and the social permissiveness issue liners syndrome in another inflation unemployment play hard hit is Michigan as well as 00:08:40 Willits California Connecticut Texas off and then finally you have the SoCal personality factor of some call it Christmas what is 2nd Ave servation Falls logically in that is the all the old search CertainTeed the old coalitions the old voting blocs loyalties and party labels are up for grabs what comes in different packages in different locals but but much is the mood is widespread bread and I think the whole new literature that we see before 00:09:15 are grappling with an exclamation office realignment for Kevin fil A Phillips in the emerging Republican majority it's a new life Alliance being forged in the South what do you call the Sunbelt region to the south western states states in the California Amazon burbs that he a search will guarantee anti Republican dominance in presidential years for the balance at least for the balance of the century country in the controversial book the real majority X, and Ben White Bird review the same kind of data religion of the majority Center 00:09:50 Center really still belongs to the Democrats Seville just come to terms with what they call me call the social issue which is a catch all phrase for students for citizen concern about students and lawlessness and protest finally a bird Barry Goldwater waiting with his own exclamation in his new book the conscience of a majority and that are going really well stone and seems to me to the proposition that ran for the presidency just a few years too soon to top it all of me have Sanibel is exclamation the hidden crises American politics 00:10:25 the Bears involving majority out there somewhere what is not sure anyone can find it give it to shape or substance in his you that's the key component of the the crises he's worried about but however different the perceptions of these rays author authors all the degrees that we have this new set of alignments in a new city new set of evolutionary coalitions and I believe on the basis of what what I've seen in three states that we have a whole new set of constituency searching for idenity answers searching for spokesman and leaders themselves are trying to evolve 00:11:00 massage these constituencies draw from this data is the Nokia no Canada for party can take anything or any block for granted animal basis of the best behavior how to take inception is to ensure a rude awakening of those are County this November 11 dimensions essential most of political processes that was a reflection probing and questioning that is sweeping I like a tidal wave to our national life light effects every institution in our society winners Higher Education second 00:11:35 secondary elementary education labor unions Family Life Church is medium certainly politics and government not the least brother an equally basic dimension this so called up for grabs syndrome affect another aspect of are changing faces are society an app for the first time first time since World War 2 we have a real hopen front office that's a gun guns will soon stop firing on any kind of scale any place on the globe and I would suggest a non-partisan sensitive with a competency test 00:12:10 experience what does a private and public citizen the norther president office we are very very few months open the door to a secure World Peace mean the sudden absence tension are the rapid dismantling of our military establishment because we will we will be the next Doctor not be policeman of the world we will need to be a 88 presence in the world and can never be a second or third rate military power if your to keep peace as the number one priority but I think we are 00:12:45 are indeed on the threshold of an entire generation of an intrepid peacetime this involves a lifestyle in a set of expectations that not one of us is room as ever experienced first hand transition is really on your way now defense cuts off more than 8 billion dollars in the last 2 years ago just one aspect of it end of the Scots what's the fiscal fiscal and monetary policies between followed I have had a terrier impact you fellas Here I saw the last night the Diamonds Electra electrical manufacturing 00:13:20 manufactures of in Palo Alto certain this research regions calories certain workforce is a b*** taking over all early every index in terms of most of the indicators field we do believe we have bottomed out the worst is behind us is begun housing starts productivity GNP growth rate orders of durable take a man c** all of these indicators in bellwethers are on our way up the current federal budget for the first time is better than 22 00:13:55 22 years human resource investments in education help manpower all of Artemis domestic concerns are pass defense and offense related outlays Broadway margin of 41 percent of the federal federal budget 37 percent so that the agenda of domestic peacetime time for a longer some futureistic abstraction is here is a whole society were about to take the plunge hard choices are upon opponents Malcolm the time of Wayne's race alternatives an honest rokerij on equally compelling in contending options 00:14:30 replace are bats and where we put the money pic we made Joyce's already is response to this up for grabs syndrome discussing I want to straight before we get to the questions and answers and we begin looking at the concerns I supposed to sleep because of the apartments at that I had shermag a tune in the a team 18 months so I service secretary from 52 billion to 64 billions of dollars dollars to reduce the payroll 120207 thousand 00:15:05 boys we will see this decade incident Lee Vista Apartments Willits programs without adding any new programs Family Assistance for welfare reform anything else pass defense is the biggest federal Department in terms of dollar volume try to do it hw to put blanket Terms of Service the catalytic agent for two reasons one minus one positive the next the reason was the old categorical approach hiring a grant program a pawn Grand programs program simply didn't work what region of target areas with $1 River 00:15:40 programs in health and education particularly and the second early so in welfare the positive reason was the average this early on recognizer Nizar federal dollars could have impacted for using for leverage for Fundamental Research Pilot price project demonstrations for incentives for state and local focalin private involuntary response and valuation are proposals for a total and fundamental welfare reform rape dramatic ship from endlessly skyrocketing handouts encouragement of Wilfred 00:16:15 dependency to real working settings so call Family Assistance Plan is predicated on in income strategy with strong incentives to earn through gainful employment in under this plan planet would always pay more to work that remain on the door NRV this is the only way only way away from a perpetual welfare strategy think we have a good chance still after the election womens vans in this section 2020 Rings build a floating floor we have we have the votes in the Senate if we can get out of a 07 Escalade 00:16:50 and a bank that we have the right principle of a better plan can I don't think anybody this room playing Wilbur Mills radical wildeye liberal what is education health and welfare we try to find departures not just for more more more of the same ol categorical protein found in billions in investing compensatory education programs target a disadvantage in low income children failed dismally Coleman report shows that are most recent title confirmed it through there are proposed National Institute of Education 00:17:25 Foundation for higher education trying to test a whole new temples of teaching and learning learning experience cricket new technologies newest version of formats higher education we are who we are f***** about to defend in individual jewel institutional integrity or 2500 station of higher education we don't want to federal temp Tampa International Code of Student Conduct we need to protect pluralism in diversity what are the roots spring summer mix of public and private institutions of higher learning and each one of these institutions after all is state chartered um 00:18:00 is there public they get their phones from the state legislatures why we will continue to provide increasing kinds of dollars and discretionary dollars to higher education we must not make make them subject to a federal prisons MMS to find their own missions amateur men with arrows should ve finally I would I have to lose to the ritual crisis we face our healthcare systems 4 years we have literally hitched metal medical education 00:18:35 on a medical research and I work the price in terms of a dramatic manpower shortage reticulin direct patient care 1965 report 100 million Medicare and Medicaid more money tickets if you willing to the same RK Arkaik finals results of in medical costs so far beyond what we have rejected the we have had to come back another program misses a maldistribution of resources we have a male distribution of manpower in facilities in the whole health retreat custom delivery enacted a National Health Insurance Scheme tomorrow it would produce 00:19:10 reduce total chaos because we said we don't have the resources manpower empower how to write anything else other than one level of care for the affluent in another level level for the poor separate and unequal so what are first parties in the sky post war mastika gender is the bills and restructure a basic health delivery system custom utilize the various components that have a very high degree of skills and abilities alright with maximum efficiency and create whole new professions and families of professions passions of a supporting AIDS and paramedical people to support and Sapphira 00:19:45 difference for the evolution of a comprehensive health delivery system from a remedial sickness management do keeping people helping hand in a dozen paprika Bozidar know before the Congress we have put these issues virtual revolution in healthcare how do you suggest some of the benchmark song Exxon the gender of Mastic Beach concerns they are are the substance of this I think new political era that is house party respond to these kinds of issues this time of changing a fundamental realignment 00:20:20 and is Alfred North Whitehead want to find a great challenges in ear is really 24 242 preserve change within order and order within change we have a minus is we always do those who say we can I have a moment's delay what does 10 patients with a measured pace of evolutionary progress Lowes and I was calling extremis in a photo sensor that word what that over night time table on this effort to forge a new Nexus new new social consensus insofar as these radical friends elements 00:20:55 the left to the right adopt a bushwacker tactics of a rational violence they will Evoque will deserve the importance of the overwhelming majority American people they will only set backlash in with all of their profession Best Buy deals all there is some sins of nobility in the cause of Justice they will be destroyed what we would hope to eliminate the traffic in code words in what is involved really is the preservation of are essential social fabric I believe it's that simple critical put it in a slightly different way 00:21:30 what is involved in a 2002 Google head in the search for peace and get on with the gender of domestic reform and renewal and because he refused the present reviews easy alternativa precipitous with raw withdrawal from Vietnam because you retain flexibility negotiations with the enemy we think with this new full 5 point program that to the way to World pain when will moovis a two piece with every few months so instamessage agenda 50 path breaking forum photos welfare reform 00:22:05 free porm graphing form Social Security form Housing and Urban Development mass transit foreign aid the health and education of Asians have already describe we have what is an call the new federalism and we think that um with all of the partisan differences and all of extreme right ventricle take place in this campaign in these final days off we have provided agenda and a set of the shoes that can be honestly discussed attack bated that will provide of a course for the sky 00:22:40 country valances this decade Andy for the final for the century all the differences we do come out of these elections with a speed of cooperation of common commitment to the nation's future is the genius of our political system it always has been as I search for the meaning of my observe Asians as I move around this country in the past few weeks I know that it always will be that I would like to move the questions and answers answers 00:23:15 definition of a question answer. Will be conducted by the President the Commonwealth Club of California John Lester Road 5 senses always will excitement in the 00:23:50 in the atmosphere and excitement today is it that he got right to the point in a hurry in heat left a little extra time for questions and answers what they were so many of them that as of now I haven't gotten through all of them yet so I'll be working feverishly for the next few minutes while a bob is answer some of the interesting 10 ready come to my attention certainly important important part of the program near the Commonwealth Club is this question and answer. prelude I should like to ask ur distinguish gas Dr Robert H Finch counselor to the president to return to the rostrum to begin the answers 00:24:25 the first air what are two questions relate to your new job title first is your position is County counselor to the president do you have a specific area to cover and if so what is it everything within a 3 mile limit it to literally covers old MSTK area area are you getting some aspect policy a National Security Council and life 00:25:00 expertise and I will not bow from my judgement in the area where is it but I'm at all has a dent in a In N Out on a domestic mystics I were a field I do have some federal background Batta is the where we have a domestic counseling Joann 3 organization working on now for the holy second branch significance we felt in bringing a sacrificial from the Labor Department mi cel myself wwedeasimadacountysheriff 00:25:35 counterparts the National Security Council domestic Council do work on this beast ima genital describing my speech and Annabeth ray player clear dies that we were not in the White House able to or had taking advantage of all the resources the laughter in the departments Norris resources the White House's leg Vanna White House before um experience Branson area or have been in the department before the schedule the role of the cabinet I was a member of the cabinet as well as the master Council in the other 00:26:10 buy used with server on we're going to happen very shortly 2 28 hard decision with a guard to what the cabinet radios recognize as a head of people who run a piece of writing part apartments or are we totally ban in the idea of a cabinet as counselors the President as we haven't parliamentary forms of government in in Western Europe in elsewhere and I suspect that the the temptation witches been persistence runner history that has you build a constituent groups 00:26:45 groups in as a federal commitment gets graders in agriculture or is it was it before the turn of the century origin of the Confederacy women gets larger in terms of Health and Education pressure buildup Avenue separate secretarias they do a separate apartment is the doing other countries of the Tennessee will be will be to increase my plan is to make cabinets mall smaller enforce the Secretary's to make interdepartmental decisions are in a discipline disciplinary decisions as I have to make to make a mini GW and headache 00:27:20 make the trade-offs a second President Johnson recommended dose of Commerce and Labor combine um you can combine Hut in the transportation and then enforcing the secretaries make the trade-offs Indiana decisions are you avoid setting up with always happens is you have separate secretaries artwork apples are there constituency are going for their for their budget and you will a bigger a bureaucracy budget to cope with that kind of problem I don't think we can increase Academy on the 12 00:27:55 1200 and still have it realistically and effectively and Kevin stations a.m. With a size 10 to be most concerned if there for cabins domestic affairs your room with the Middle East you worry about this or that end in a you know you don't sit there and raise your hands say about them which President got this terrible problem buddy Landry candy bar just doesn't itch it's so it doesn't fly and that's why you have a domestic Council um and why we tried to have those cabinet members were concerned with 00:28:30 with domestic matters in separate cabinet committees within the domestic Council 2 address of to this message is a domestic agenda um and we will have another set of proposals shortly after the first year do now singer organization there's no question but what that in congressional organization very much Mines of a knot just a sophisticated political scientist but to the general public as a whole concern is been expressed about the installation of the presidency 00:29:05 CSN office from the opinions and views of the People an example with student reaction to the into the Cambodian campaign last Springs how does President Nixon hope to solve this problem Wood Duck NC get any when is everyone really close to the Office of the President as stated that the what what did George read for do the presidential cocoon is a every realtor nomina and it it and it if it is it is peculiar the Office of the White House and even 00:29:40 the president loses freezes when does now anywhere in the world country is carries with bat cocoon to use a George rephrase the book I get a plugin is well worth reading reading a point south problem that the president has terms of where he gets his information Nanda how to make decisions of weed this present is going to extraordinary Lancs 2000 apart from soot from a minute to have the broadest possible based off of 00:30:15 information we we have every morning for those 1415 of a sailor so cold visors complete summaries of every vol wire services Albany magazines all of major newspapers that runs to some pages in length that the distillation of a news Wii U are invited in a decision on any of the meetings that he has as he will be off and say well I want to see more of this kind of group 00:30:50 group of as a response to the hub student Lake campus reaction on the Cambodian exercise a HW set up an administration wide ResponseWare when is Sons gay men we had all the cabinet officers in Saginaw surveillance questions most white i-70 the President and then we had Chancellor heard cumin we had we had some 9 meetings with student groups a black college presidents um university president serve members of governing boards 00:31:25 various components of the community um and and the purpose of the herd assignment is your dick always to attempt to get across the sense of urgency the sense of the problem the parameters of the problem with ink I just heard it really well and then as a follow Nevada that we've been had a transmission which was to respond respond to the definition of problem in the endeavor to do that with a dick in reference to the problem the Prytania to camp in Jackson State that has been cut 00:32:00 controversial report um in the act in a community and Amanda elsewhere great parts of a car airg ridiculous thing coffee overview of a student in Reston historically in this country inn Adrienne and in history of the world is well worth considering Mexican rice for jambalaya fact it off with had turbulence Herbal Incense higher education for our whole history with the relative exception of a relative 00:32:35 why isn't period from following World War 2 to the 1960 . All that in the. For example of 1930 1940 we had extreme turbulence you had about a million of students in our institution of higher education Asian Ashley at that point as opposed to 8 million now and you had as a as a transmission points out you had a farm anymore about social networking working with organizations in that. And doing disruptive things and creatine 00:33:10 creating a property damage in the weather like in one day newspaper story Aloha to invoke maccluen ISM we have now 8 million students with a fart if ur number of valence dsughters if you will percentage wise in my tree maggot to 20 to 1 last but because television rings at MEPS that message home and there is in front of a sand with all of the of power conveys um it has had a farm greater effect on earth are popular is a hole and so we have to have to learn to balance 00:33:45 balance massage in all the parties need to understand what's involved your b*** off there are some very specific recommendations made in the transmission report involve a recommendations of respect to make clear with the rules are to Mars live with his problem with a and do you support orders supposed to just calling people of the pale on local on first officials on the campus in online races regulations as to what does the alarm for some people should do and a but II 00:34:20 Airport and this is where we get to the whole concert presidential call everybody wants to ladies these kinds of problems at the at the door the White House and if ever we had my speech ever we get to the point where we have a federal presents on these campus Campus is 2500 sushi bars & and we're Avenue the kinds of Legends legislation been proposed which wood in Boca national coat of Student Conduct or institutional color what cut of the federal government los diversity in Pearl is in higher education and these are state chartered institutions and we have violent is the president of Facebook 00:34:55 call the National Guard is the governor and we have to pay peoples constantly mileage Stamford you follow up on that sword occasionally lost and the always keep a smile next series of questions deals deals with a tw and I know Bob Brady live experience in Ohio in area first one is who really will to power in a tw and the question might have added 00:35:30 now that you're gone well azan many months for sale government agency how you you have to be like to clean a field of health and education will for Upon a professional in a confidence in a disappointment as in many cases build on a career picking a public health health services in the Food and Drug Administration um and and a while a sleep political considerations come into summer 00:36:05 some of these of decisions I just wanted to be like in a classic example what is the one Canepa Garden City question warning for birth control pills and women's liberation repair a 6 page warning how to put in the box what temp is nobody was going to read 6 pages particular people eat half million people were trying to get the message to a rave 00:36:40 Eva Notty be literate DMAA side of the doctor say no to Panda how to put any kind of a warning in there because um that interferes with additional doctor patient relationship 101 all we finally ended up with a political how to put a very brief statement have said these pills you take are medicinal where medical therefore if you have any of these symptoms 123456 go see it doctor and that's when I were you make a political Goleta compromiser but that's the Tennessee Jeff makanda 00:37:15 dolly expert opinion in a menu you have a very very early a public servant in a Chevy now who is Kelly Richardson and he's got as far as I'm concerned one of the best possibly have in Jackson Avenue who has a dictator concerning a feeling a social a working welfare & M I said I can see a time when vision move up in a federal involvement in education and health article would increase 00:37:50 increase the point where you might want separate secretaries but only lane ticket before you had restructure restructured the cabinet otherwise it so it was more responsive more violent than it is today sex and started North directions to cut back when you get rid of the post office the president welfare program appears to be stuck in the Senate Senate what is the next step for this proposal if it does not pass I would say would be very gloomy because of you what the sessions I said my speech the session reconvene after the 00:38:25 after the election optimistic about them a possible passenger the passage of Apple FAP after the election is the Senators on a center Finance Committee will been reelected are they will have the elections over with concerned about the weather going to be a happy back in there home States but um uh we have both Center long as Mansfield it will be in upper down boat on the floor on Family Assistance this session 00:39:00 fashion hey we don't get the session ID for gloomy about Arbor getting through threw the where's Means Committee for the Fall Full House um this proposal or anything like it and a how is work long and hard on this night to end why does the president is stayed with every speech should be on the road call the member of the Senate Finance Committee we have them out to the White House Adam Beck urine in the Western White House we put the oil pressure riposte 00:39:35 possibly could get this through don't get through this time in Wilshire worshiping to be stuck with the present system which everybody resort weather for their blue spectrum is in a bottle system I just in terms of the skyrocketing dollars we have to match state state funset dollar for dollar in an open ended bases and I just the the inequities from state to state is $7 per month for purse the person in Mississippi to 70 dollars in New York turtlenecks 68 social consequences the requirements of a husband has to leave the home before 00:40:10 um uh there can be any of the sea and and all that and a we have a broad spectrum support with enam over I'm all over the labor unions good supporting this how it does the Federal floor on it guaranteed annual income the numbers misunderstandings b*** and IIIi look at all the possible to think this is what is the best approach and a justice hope we can get this action action in December at the Congress return and now the International Center 00:40:45 fear you predict an era of peace and have Siri examples of the US is efforts what evidence can you give it the other side with permit in Euro peace to take place because of Lisa far is the ignition nations Arkansas include Red China is there interest we believe 2 do women have a cooling off period where is a kind of General open up in the the trade areas um and 00:41:20 when I getting a new movies Pacific Sun vixen some of the areas of Henry Kissinger works in um I would say that our greatest danger to put to turn over is for 447 we get Vietnam 101 down and we don't have any major firing firing herb warfarin place in the face of the earth is the only dangers with income with the with a small Asians are the emerging nations which is why we have to maintain maintain a 8 critical base of conventional defense capability 00:41:55 um because that's how you handle these off brush fire operations and that there is a level of Tolerance what you will reach reach with the major nuclear powers and a positive the stakes are obviously to greater playing Russian roulette at that level and a Bentley what the problem will be on a part of all major problems with people break from happening on smaller nations which could lead to a sudden confrontation I don't think I can be more specific anatomy I'm sorry but the bar overall promises we looked 00:42:30 look to the future I realize it difficult for you to be secretary state is Wallace former Secretary of Health Education welfare in think that question is been very well answered we have time for but one more question however despite the many many others are asked following which meeting with standard journal first half of the many members of the Commonwealth Club California in your ladies gathered here today in the garden chords the Sheraton Palace Hotel Hotel reviewing is program on television on one of Armani Radio outlets should like to thank the are Barack Finch counselor to the President cannot to the 00:43:05 the present the Commonwealth Club in the president of United States for being our guest today today is remarks on the significance in some of the interesting sidelights of this year's election election have been most to entertaining an informative the last question if a cheap dual Republican majority in Congress can Congress Aid presidential success or will it really be a repeat of the situation and under LBJ when you get a Democratic majority what all can write I think I think we have to say about my Weiner marks that are open 00:43:40 mathematics of argument in control of the lower house are most unlikely is as a indicated the traditional pattern for election year was 30 to 40 seat laws and we are ready for cinnamon already in the in the in the House of Representatives that is very unlikely ND candy but um if we got control in the Senate yes I think it would make a difference with this you Scott is Majority Leader I'm convinced the day you have a 00:44:15 have a much greater response to remove legislation and where we were being whipped being with side window or house you have a Corsa of the hawk cloud of the upper body to miss work your your your problem particularly important foreign policy this is where the president has had so many men critical issue police use a decided by 12 volts and that's where he needs need to support because the upper body is the record of the field POV guard 2004 Impala season is there is there with you 00:44:50 Vizon consent and this is why the present his latest person prestige on the line Garden trying to get a senator be getting better support in Missouri O & a I think I said that we have a 50/50 chance with you Jackie Vance early you would see the whole a domestic programs move more rapidly because as a present I'm even get a hearing on revenue sharing for example and we could even with a be like that you can be in a movie in a sense I did for spouse take action where you can get it now 00:45:25 Jewish Center place last week when ur on a house house on the farm bill house in back on for conference report for the first time in history history of the Congress the Democratic leadership would even let the man in the door the document Sol Battle of Tours open up in 2 hours thank you very much 00:46:00 00:46:35 00:47:10
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